Face cream, lotion or emulsion? What are they and how to choose for the winter season?

When we enter into the winter season, we tend to feel that our skin becomes drier and the foundation that we are applying is not giving a smooth finish. This is a sign that our skin's hydration power is not sufficient! If you want to nourish your skin, the most essential products for fall and winter season are definitely lotions (sometime also known as emulsion, which is also a liquid-based moisturizer but lighter than a lotion) and creams, but what is the difference between lotions and creams? And how to choose the right skincare products for the season? 

Do you need a lotion or cream for the winter season?

If you don't moisturize you skin sufficiently and locking in moisture, especially in the winter, your skin will easily become dry, flaky, and sensitive, and will even develop fine lines.

We all know the importance of skin hydration, but just hydration is not enough. To extend the moisturizing effect, it is also important to "locking up water", and this is when lotions or creams come into place.

Which one is better, lotion or cream?

Basically, both of them have moisturizing and hydrating effects, but the main difference lies in the richness of the texture and the oil content. Lotions have more water than oil, so the texture is more watery and lighter, while creams have higher oil content, so the texture is richer and thicker.

How do I choose a lotion or cream?

Many people don't like the sticky feeling and often skip the lotion and cream step after toner and serum. However, in the winter season, the need for moisturizing the skin increased, therefore, all skin types should be more moisturized. It is recommended to choose products according to your skin type, so that your skin can be adequately moisturized without worrying about the sticky feeling.

Combination skin, oily skin: 

It is recommended to choose a lotion with a more watery texture, which can be spread easily and penetrates quickly into the skin, providing immediate hydration effect and locking in the moisture in the skin, without feeling heavy on the skin.

Dry skin, mature skin: 

It is recommended to choose face creams with higher oil content, which can replenish water and oil in the skin at the same time, so as to relieve dryness. By combining massage while applying the face cream, you can even achieve a firming effect.