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Discover the secrets of luxury Korean skincare with AHC, the premium brand dedicated to providing professional-quality solutions for healthy, radiant skin. Founded in Seoul in 1999, AHC's innovative approach to skincare combines science and aesthetics to deliver effective results. With its unique Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Microsome Technology, AHC's products are designed to boost moisture, reduce fine lines, and protect against dryness. As the number-one Korean aesthetic skincare brand, AHC is respected, affordable, and adored by beauty lovers worldwide. Try AHC's bestselling collections, including the A.H.C Essential Eye Cream and Lotion series, for beautifully clear and glowing skin.

    26 products

    AHC is a premium Korean skincare brand that is dedicated to providing professional-quality skincare solutions to its customers. Founded in 1999 in Seoul, AHC initially catered to private aesthetic spas and dermatological clinics. However, the brand's innovative skincare quickly gained widespread acclaim, leading to the creation of affordable and easy-to-use products that are adored by beauty lovers across the globe.

    At AHC, the focus is on combining science and aesthetics to improve the health and appearance of the skin. The brand's products are designed to protect the skin from environmental damage, provide relief for different skin types and concerns, and deliver professional care. AHC takes an innovative approach to skincare, inspired by the Korean beauty trend for dewy, translucent skin or "chok, chok" as it's referred to in Korea.

    One of AHC's selling points is their Triple Hyaluronic Acid with three molecular weights. This unique blend helps to boost the skin's moisture capabilities, delivering deep hydration, plumping the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and minimizing water loss on the skin's surface to protect against dryness. AHC also uses Microsome Technology, which breaks down active ingredients into tiny molecules that can penetrate the skin barrier deeply and deliver optimal results.

    AHC's commitment to creating highly effective and innovative skincare products is evident in its bestselling collections, such as the A.H.C Essential Eye Cream and Lotion series. The brand's expertise in skincare comes from many years of clinical experience, and its rich dermatological knowledge is used to refine the Korean skincare routine with the best skincare treatment.

    As the number-one Korean aesthetic skincare brand, AHC is one of the most respected, affordable yet premium brands in the K-beauty category. The brand's products have gained a reputation for delivering beautifully clear and glowing skin, and its Real Eye Cream For Face has become a best-seller. Beauty editors rave about AHC, and women swear that it makes them look younger.

    Overall, AHC is a brand that is dedicated to helping its customers achieve healthy and radiant skin. With its innovative approach to skincare and commitment to providing professional-quality solutions, AHC is a brand that is well-loved and respected by beauty lovers across the world.