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Discover the innovative and visionary world of Shu Uemura, a makeup brand born from the cutting-edge artistry of the first Japanese makeup artist in Hollywood. With a focus on Asian expertise, inclusivity, and mindful craftsmanship, Shu Uemura offers high-quality products and tools for all skin tones and types. Explore the brand's philosophy of beauty, from the importance of cleansing to the infinite variety of colors. Embrace your unique individuality with Shu Uemura.

    Shu Uemura is a pioneering makeup brand founded by Mr. Shu Uemura, a Japanese makeup artist and innovator who sought to liberate beauty through his creativity and craftsmanship. His vision of beauty is rooted in a uniquely Japanese sensitivity towards beauty, characterized by quality, precision, attention to detail, and modernity. The brand's core belief is that everyone can be an artist and experiment with different makeup looks. Shu Uemura believes in promoting the respect of differences, regardless of skin tone, face shape, eye type, or imperfections. The brand empowers Asian millennials to explore their individuality, authenticity, and freedom from social diktats through its cutting-edge makeup artistry, Japanese mastership, and Asian expertise and inclusivity.

    Shu Uemura's brand philosophy is founded on Mr. Shu Uemura's beauty philosophy. He believed that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin, and cleansing is the first and last step of makeup. Just as a painter needs a pure and fresh canvas, so does a makeup artist. Achieving a beautiful makeup finish depends on the quality of the skin canvas. Colors are like personality, infinite, and shu uemura offers a wide range of colors to capture each individual's unique beauty and enhance their features. Shu Uemura's tools are not only a means to achieve makeup perfection, but they are also true masterpieces in design and aesthetics that allow artists to express their talent and creativity with ease and precision. The tools are an extension of the artist's fingers, carefully crafted in Japan, with bristles cut and shaped with utmost precision, expressing ultimate Japanese mastership and quality.

    Shu Uemura's cutting-edge makeup artistry is brought to life by a talented team of atelier artists who inherit the shu uemura DNA. The team is based on Asian beauty expertise and pursues contemporary beauty with unbridled passion. The brand's obsession with high quality reflects the Japanese heritage of precision and attention to detail and is the expression of the crafted-in-Japan spirit. The brand's functional yet beautiful professional tools are handmade in Kumano, the renowned capital of brushes, the cradle of calligraphy. High-quality pigments and luxurious Japanese ingredients, such as precious tsubaki (camellia) oil from Toshima island, are the secret of shu uemura's savoir-faire. The brand's products are designed to fit Asian beauty diversity, based on extensive studies and building on the unrivaled hands-on experience of makeup artists of Asian features. Shu Uemura covers the spectrum of Asian skin tones and offers tailor-made services and cutting-edge makeup artistry to let each individual personality shine.

    Shu Uemura's belief that beauty brings joy to people is reflected in the brand's rich heritage and professional spirit. The brand's DNA allowed it to thrive for over 50 years as an international cosmetic brand. The brand's vision of beauty is mindful in its making, essential in its execution, and assertive in its voice. Shu Uemura has been known as the first international makeup artist brand from Japan, offering a variety of unique products, shades, tools, makeup artistry, customer service, and more. The brand's 3 fundamentals make it unique and drive all its actions along the way. These fundamentals are cutting-edge makeup artistry, Japanese mastership, and Asian expertise and inclusivity.

    In a world of consumerism where everything has a short span of life, shu uemura is committed to sustainability. The brand has three pillars of actions for the sustainability cause, mindful of Japanese nature, craftsmanship, and resources. Shu Uemura selects sustainable locally sourced plants/ingredients from the different regions of Japan, respects and protects the values of craftsmanship,